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Vegetarian Thali

The food we serve at Kathmandu Banquet is healthy and delicious. Our ingredients are fresh and we cater to all types of dietary requirements. We are offering "All you can eat menu" to all our wonderful customers. Keep in touch to make a reservation!


Kathmandu Banquet is a modern and classic styled restaurant with buffet food available from the menu located in the heart of North Melbourne. We serve ‘eat all you can’ from the menu and also provides you on demand venue hiring for any event including Birthday, Weddings, Conference, Meeting, Rice Feedings, Naming Ceremony and many others. Also, we have highly dedicated team for your custom decoration, live music and DJ with professional photography! We have multiple venues located in Melbourne for different range of functions. Please let us email or call if you want to book the venues for functions.

You are welcome to join our restaurant for fine dine with your family, friends and loved ones. Our special and authentic Indian and Nepalese dishes will fulfill your spicy food taste. If you need any detail please give us a call or send us an email at

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